Team building Events

In business, it’s impossible to separate engagement from performance.


Looking to increase employee engagement, retain employees and improve business performance?

Providing your employees with fun and exciting teambuilding activities is a great way to both improve employee relations and build lasting leadership skills.

Our corporate teambuilding activities are specifically designed to engage your team and create a sense of community within your company.


Improve teamwork skills

Our teambuilding activities will help each individual discover their own unique skills and how they fit into the group. Once everyone has identified their own strengths, the group can achieve maximum efficiency while moving towards a common goal. As each individual sees what they are able to contribute, they will grow and develop confidence and leadership skills.

Motivate your team

If you’re looking to increase employee motivation, engagement and retention, it’s important to foster a feeling of inclusiveness and community. Esprit de Corps’ teambuilding exercises can do just that, allowing members of your team to see their coworkers in a whole new way. Once your employees have experienced one of our teambuilding workshops or leadership conferences, they will come back motivated, engaged and full of positive energy.

Keep growing each day

The experience doesn’t end when your teambuilding workshop is over. Esprit de Corps will provide you with advice, techniques and simple exercises that you can use on a daily basis to improve your leadership skills. With the help of Esprit de Corps’ tools, you and your employees can continue to learn and strengthen your workplace environment.

Learn to solve problems together

As your employees make their way through our teambuilding challenges, they will practice solving various problems together. No matter the challenge they may face, they will learn to work together and draw on each individual’s strengths to become stronger, and better, as a group—an important value in a collaborative workplace environment.

Get to know your colleagues

If your company is large, your employees may rarely get the chance to interact with members of other teams. Through teambuilding games and workplace seminars, they will have the opportunity to get to know their coworkers while working together to overcome challenges. Benefits our clients report after one of our teambuilding workshops include an increased sense of belonging and positive relations among their colleagues.

Build your brand image

Once your employees have come together and improved their leadership skills through our teambuilding exercises, what could be better than sharing your success with the world through great content? Promote your business through photographs of the event or a corporate culture video, and show everyone what your company has been able to achieve through teambuilding.

The Esprit de Corps Method

So, what is teambuilding with Esprit de Corps really like? By investing in teambuilding, your company will benefit from in-company and/or external activities led by certified business coaches, who will facilitate learning through action.

Our activities are designed to increase employee motivation and engagement, while teaching teamwork and leadership skills. Esprit de Corps can also provide leadership conferences to engage employees and inspire your entire workplace team.

The following video represents what Esprit de Corps can do in terms of teambuilding. Contact us today to learn more about the variety of teambuilding programs we offer!

« Further, Stronger, Together. » A winning philosophy.

Groupe Esprit de Corps truly believe in human and leadership development through changing mindset and building new culture. This is what Groupe Esprit de Corps is extremely good at and they do that like nobody else. This evolution and culture of Cadillac couldn’t have been possible without a solid partnership with Groupe Esprit de Corps.

Mahmoud Samara
Brand director

You don’t know how you’re going to respond when you’re pushed beyond your limits, what makes the challenge so exciting is that you discover yourself. It’s so wild it’s worth exploring.

James Ricci
General Manager
Roy Foss Motors